ROI Calculator

See how much a Printing In A Box License can save your printing business!

Your Current Monthly Service / Software Fees:


Your Current Monthly Expenses:  - Vs - Printing In A Box License:  $

Your Total Monthly Expenses:

  • Hosting: Your website needs a host to reside on.
  • Website: Developing your own website is expensive and time consuming.
  • File Storage / Data Transfer: Customer file management is crucial for the success of any printing business.
  • Invoicing Software: Does your business send out automated invoices and handle invoices on orders?
  • Batching/Imposition Software: A Program used to schedule jobs and manage artwork, crucial for laying out runs or organizing production.
  • Order Management: How does your business handle order management? Do you pay for POS software?
  • E-commerce Software: To run a successful printing business in today's world you need to sell your products online.
  • Shipping Management: Software used for tracking packages, printing labels, assigning shipping services, connecting to Fedex / UPS.
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM): Compare to Zoho or Sugar for examples

Your Monthly Staffing Costs:

Position No. of Staff Weekly Hours Hourly Wage Monthly Total Savings Per Month
CSR Staff
Pre-Press Staff
Shipping Staff
Web / IT Staff

Total Staff Monthly Salaries: 

Total Monthly Salary Savings: 

Total ROI Per Month: