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What is a Trade Printer?

What is a trade printer, exactly? A trade printer is simply a commercial printer that specializes in printing jobs for non-retail outlets. Many printing companies outsource work to trade printers for a variety of reasons. For example, a printing shop may not have the equipment to fulfill a particular type of order, so they’ll send their order out to a trade printer, who prints the job for them.

Trade PrinterTrade Printers

generally sell their product at wholesale prices, as the business or individual that they print for will usually be marking up the price and selling the product at retail. This creates an opportunity in the form of print brokering and reselling, where a broker can take orders from customers and have the orders printed by a trade printer, essentially acting as the middle-man in the transaction.

Some trade printers deal only with other printing companies, handling unusually large jobs or difficult custom orders, but some trade printers, such as Printing in a Box, handle print jobs both large and small from print brokers, resellers, graphic artists, small business owners, and more. All of these people enjoy wholesale printing through their Printing in a Box web site, which allows customers to place orders for almost any type or quantity of printing need, including custom requests.

When you sign up with Printing in a Box, you too will have access to wholesale product ordering from a trade printer. Whether you’re a professional print broker, a graphic artist that wants to offer in-house printing solutions for clients, a small or large business that is tired of out-sourcing printing jobs, or a stay-at-home mom looking for a convenient way to produce some extra income from home, Printing in a Box is a great business solution.

How To Get Started

Getting started is simple—all you have to do is find a plan that works for you and fill out our short application. We’ll give you a call right away, and we can have your web site up and running in as little as 48 hours