Attention Print Broker

With Printing in a Box, you set your own prices, based on a markup amount that you choose over our low, wholesale prices.

Traditionally, print brokers have been able to provide value to clients in the form of price shopping and networking, finding printers able to fulfill a client’s order for an agreeable price. As online printing continues to grow, this value diminishes slightly, as clients can often find good prices on quality printing services by spending some time searching online.

PrintsOne of the benefits of being a print broker with the Printing in a Box program is that you can develop a solid web presence for your services, allowing yours to be the site that a new client finds when they search online for affordable and convenient printing services. In addition to the print broker services you offer to your existing clients, you can also be a new client’s first choice for printing, even though your actual printing is done by Printing in a Box!

The benefit here is threefold. By offering your print broker services to existing clients, you help them to obtain top-quality printing at an affordable price. By having a convenient ordering system on your web site, you allow customers to place orders for these products 24/7, making it easier for them to place orders at times convenient for them. And with an expanded web presence, you can often pick up printing jobs from customers who may not even be looking for a print broker in the first place, simply searching for quality and affordable printing online!

Printing PressWith Printing in a Box, you set your own prices, based on a markup amount that you choose over our low, wholesale prices. Since you set the price, you determine how much you can make! This is great for print brokers because there’s no restriction on how much money you can earn from your services. It’s also beneficial in terms of being competitive, as you can set prices on high-selling to compare to your biggest competitors.

Being a print broker has long been considered a great full or part-time career, and Printing in a Box makes it easy to get ahead in the business. With a fully-functional, professional web site to direct your customers to and high-quality products at wholesale prices from us, you’ll have a leg up on the competition. Becoming a print broker has never been easier!

Take a look at the different plans we offer, and when you find the one that’s right for you, simply fill out our short application. We’ll contact you right away and have your new print broker service online and taking orders in no time!