Preflight Tools For Your Printing Business

Printing in a Box’s integrated preflight software can help automate your printing business, with speed and efficiency.

Preflight Tools For PrintingBefore you understand how the preflight software operates and how it can benefit your clientele, we will explain on some simple term what Preflight tools are all about,

Preflighting are the steps followed before the printing work goes into the printing press, Preflight tools help in making sure the printing job is precise and will print correctly.

This includes the printing size of the document, resolution, color, style and many more.

What does Preflight software do?

The preflight software assists the user to create all of the above and it also making sure that the document is within the projected size,  The best characteristics of this software are that it has the power to find errors and rectify. Our software also has the ability to convert the color mode in a document to CMYK and many more,

When you sign up for Printing In A Box, our Preflight software tools are included, we guarantee that it will be very helpful to you and your customers.

Your customers and prepress department adapt and extend the size of the artwork to fit the correct size of the document you want.

Advantage of our Preflight Tools

The software helps reduce and remove the likelihood of rasterization that may cause production delays in printing. Our software allows users to combine graphics, images and text in a document in a variety of specified formats. The software also verifies the user if the printing material meets the production and printing requirements.

The procedure is able to check for compatible fonts, file format, perfect resolutions, correct and required color format, confirm that the output receives the correct ink plates and color separation.

Benefits of our Preflight software

Our Preflight software will not only smoothen your printing work, but it is very crucial in e commerce, this means our software will be able to zip up your printing operation. When you sign up with us, you will be able to see the analytic report of all the printing process. With Printing In A Box you will get highly customizable storefronts, you will possess the power to market your printable material or apply for any marketing package on the site.

With our Web to Print software you will be able to create a sales force management, while you manage all your Meta data, you can optimize your product descriptions for Search engine Purposes.

In addition, our Web to Print software acts as electronic point of sale where it is sale force management software, we have the Management information system, which guarantee transparency.

The intention of our Preflight tool is to help you manage the artwork from your clients without the need of a large prepress staff or designers to help them setup their artwork properly. With our preflight tool that is included in all of our plans, your customers will be able to setup their own artwork files to print ready specifications.

Our Web to Print software can help your business, as you will be able get analytics and report; we make you the owner of your online printing, 

We are a one-stop workshop for all your business needs, with us you can create a secure supply chain to the clientele for less the amount of money you will compensate for printing and separately for marketing.

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