What Printing In A Box Members Are Saying

Below are reviews from just a few of our satisfied customers.

I’ve been selling print for 5 years and since I’ve discovered PIAB, it has never been easier. PIAB’s fully integrated printing software practically runs my business for me. From the amazing pricing, to the customer support, and the email system they provide for you, PIAB has it all! Because of my site, the online world of advertising and sales are limitless.


I’ve had my site since early 2008 and have built my customer list to a number I never dreamed possible. Heck, they even show you how to market your site online to all the major search engines! If selling printing is your career or even a part time gig make it easier with PIAB. What are you waiting for? Call them and see how easy it is to get started!!!!

- Kenneth Tarride

I wanted to write to thank you guys for the opportunity. I have multiple other businesses and was always struggling finding a competent and efficientprinting company to satisfy not only my companies printing needs but my affiliates and clients as well. When I first came across Printing In A Box, it seemed to be a perfect match, and lucky for me I was right. My income from reselling marketing and printing to my affiliate and client relationships has grown exponentially in only a short amount of time. The best part is that I am always armed with the confidence that my prices are competitive and the printing services are reliable!

- Jonathon Ende

Signing up with Printing In A Box took our graphic design business to a new level by becoming a one-stop shop for all our clients printing and design needs. The customer service has been impeccable and the printing quality is next to none! Our business has continued to grow now that we don’t have to outsource our printing!

- Adam Forester

This is not my first business but I do have to say it is the easiest and best business I’ve ever run. Printing in a Box has so many great marketing techniques available that have impacted the overall success of my website. I’ve also built confidence by talking with clients one-on-one and have even been able to sell jobs to people within the other industry I work.

- Wilbert Diaz

I have been doing graphics for years and just used random printers online to print but never made a profit on printing until signing up for Printing in a Box, I should have done this years ago!

I DJ all over the Omaha metro area, at different clubs, and bars so I can sell banners, business cards, and more to other DJs. Bars and clubs are always looking for promotional material too, so they are some of my biggest clients.

Thanks again for getting me involved with Printing in a Box.  I love my new stay at home job.  I get to watch my son grow up and people love my services. (Design and Printing)

- Dave Stutsman

Having multiple businesses, my Printing in a Box site has been a facilitator for many of those aspects, whether it be concert promoting, artist management, political consulting or media consulting.

There are so many options regarding printing. Say a partner we’re working with wants something above the game, something more than the standard flyer for a huge event. Printing in a Box offers a myriad of designs or prints, and with them we deliver this level of quality to our clients.

The accessibility, the professionalism and compassionate nature they give towards our business makes them great people to work with and we try to reflect that nature throughout our brands and businesses.

- Jesse Jackson